How to Sign-in for a tournament?

As for many of you it's going to be the first experience with online sign-in, we would like to offer you a short guideline how to complete the process. Here are four easy steps:

  1. Create an account in the platform. You will need to fill in details only once - in registration. Please, make sure that all details are correct (including IPIN). If you make a mistake/typo during registration, don't worry, you will be able to update details in a profile.

  2. Find a tournament in a tournaments calendar and click "Register" button. The button will be visible only during sign-in period specified by the organizer. Check tournaments details to specify the time.

  3. Once button appears and you go to the Registration page, you will simply need to select category (i.e. "Boys Singles), agree to the terms, click "Register" and pay an entry-fee (which also is going to include service fee).

  4. Once you complete the registration, you will be redirected to the tournament page, where in "Your entries" you will be able to follow status of the entry. Referee will receive notification and once he approves it, status of your entry will be changed to "approved". That's it!

Why to use online Sign-In?

It will save you time and money (road, accommodations, etc.)!